Developed by NASA in the sixties, the research centre of NASA, develop this material in order to protect astronauts from the force of gravity in space shuttles and improve its seated position.

  Which is the difference between viscoelastic and the other materials?

  This is the only material that has no rebound.
  The most important feature of this revolutionaty material used in products for the rest, is that unlike the rest, is a material sensitive to body temperature, which suits our weight and do not push back when we rely on him.
  In this way there is no oppression in our blood vessels and the circulation is much more fluid, alleviating the problems of neck, headaches, stress and migraines.


  Systematic alleviation of pressure, proper blood circulation, pain relief against cervical of the head, stress and insomnia. Elimination of tension in neck. Correct position of our body at rest. A large percentage of people who have tested this material, ensure sleep much better with this type of pillow.


  Doctors from around the world approved the use of viscoelastic.
  The common problem for people at bedtime is poor posture. This brings us to have sore joints, neek and back.
  Therefore, professionals in the rest recommend this type of pillows because they help to properly distribute the pressure of our body and so generate a great relief.

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