>>Guaranteed!!!. The Adetex pillows are manufactured with high-quality viscoelastic, which ensures its durability and its conservation for years whitout alteration.

Some properties of aloe vera are:
  • Counteract the action of bacteria skin.
  • Dissolves fatty deposits that clog the pores.
  • It destroys dead cells, allowing their elimination, and it regules the PH in the three layers of skin.
  • It protects and regenerates the dermis, exerting on the skin a profound bactericidal action and cleaning.
  • Moisturizes in depth and is very useful in sensitive skin and damaged.
  • In the juvenile acne, eliminates the infection of the pores.
  • It can be used as hair reinforcing due to its nutritious agents. It provides softness, strength and flexibility.
  • It is a biogenic stimulant that activates and revives the skin cells.
  • Excellent for skin care (wrinkles, tone, texture, etc) the wrinkles are softened and tend to disappear.


  The Adetex pillows are presented in a wide range of dimensions including special size for journey, both in their versions with viscoelastic and viscolatex with aloe vera.


  The Adetex pillows have several types of removals pillowslip:
  • Inner pillowslip polyester/cotton (optional)
  • Outside pillowslip of other tissues adapt to the need of the customer or the pillowslip with aloe vera, which ensures the best use of their properties.
    Our pillowslips are removable, washable and durable.


  The adetex pillows are presented in attractive and transparent bags, that allow you to view the product and easy to transport.
  As well as practical and lithography carton cases.

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